Taking It a Step Too Far

Net Video Girls is a network of a handful of sites and they specialise in a variety of casting type variations with the obvious one being a casting couch one but they also do photo-shoot models and a few others.

In this specific one this model got convinced to try a little more than the usual lingerie work she has been doing and of course she could earn more that way if her work was liked by whoever in the porn game.

The usual story though, she was just supposed to go topless and it escalated to the point where she got fucked on film. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because it’s predictable or even that I’ve seen it so many times before because I really enjoy the concept, but when the guy decided to draw pictures on her back with a Sharpy while fucking her I thought that was a bit much.

Oh my bad, that join-the-dots looking shit is actually a tattoo, my bad.

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