She Wants That Cum Bad

From my point of view, nothing is hotter than POV porn. I just love the way it feels like I’m the center of a pornstar’s attention. There are basically no girls I know who can compare to the hotties I jerk off to online, so this is about as lucky as I’m going to get.

Once I tried to sneak recording my girlfriend while she was blowing me. I got a few seconds into it but then she saw what I was doing and took my phone away. I can’t believe that bitch deleted the clip! I told her it was a compliment and that I liked seeing her swallow my cock but she just said something weird about it being creepy. Oh well, I guess I’m glad to be done with that bitch anyway. Now I can focus on my true love… POV porn.

Check out this hot blowjob in POV style from Dillion Harper. It’s so hot that you might blow your load way before you expect to, so make sure you have a towel ready.

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