Eye piercing, face tattoo self shot fail

Eye piercing, face tattoo self shot fail

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One Response to “Eye piercing, face tattoo self shot fail”

  1. Annie Apple September 30, 2013 at 5:38 am #

    This is Juan. Juan got forced in too the military and got a puncture in his eye. It turned septic and as a result he lost his eye. He had a glass eye in but it caused him a heap of issues- so he stopped wearing it. People stared and judged- so he got his facial tattoo. So people wouldnt notice his eye as much. After giving up wearing his prosthetic eye his eyelid shape changed. It curled inward so his eyelashes scratched and irritated his eye socket. It would get infected constantly. . He was in agony! So he did something drastic and got his eyelid pierced. This stopped his eyelid from folding inwards so his eye socket could heal. This piercing saved his life. So. . Self shot fail? Fuck off. More like self shot Win. This guy has probably been through more trauma than all of us. I have nothing but respect for this man.

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